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The Reason Behind the Name

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The idea behind the name Red Sky Films came about after reading up on the history of Banbury (where I'm based) and, apart from Banbury Cross, one thing that the town is well know for are chapbooks, which were cheaply produced children's books and the saying "Red  sky at night, shepherd's delight" was popularised by one such chapbook and so Red Sky Films was born.

About Your Videographer

Hi, my name is Dan and I am the owner of Red Sky Films. I started out as a wedding photographer, and still am (you can check out my wedding photography business here), but after I had more and more inquiries asking if I offered video as well I set up the videography side of things.

Having spent a lot of my childhood creating home videos for my family and then studying Broadcast Journalism at university, which was very video orientated making the leap as a wedding film maker actually seemed like a very natural progression from wedding photography and I haven't looked back since I've made that decision.

Why Red Sky Films

Choosing whether or not to have a videographer at your wedding can be a difficult decision. You've more than likely already got a photographer for the day and you want your day to be just how you've always imagined it and that doesn't involve being followed around all day with a load of camera. I completely understand this and pride myself on becoming 'invisible' and being unobtrusive and just letting your big day flow naturally. I let your photographer guide you and pose you, so that you aren't overwhelmed and this means that I can capture your day in the most natural way possible.


Your wedding video is something that you can watch again and again, you can relive, all the laughter, dancing and tears (happy ones of course) of your special day and with so many couples regretting not having a videographer (theknot.com) it is definitely something worth discussing with your partner.

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