How do I book you?

Simply contact me through email (hello@red-sky-films.com) or fill in my contact form. We can then either meet in person or if you feel extra confident that I am the videographer for you I'll just need to choose which package you want, I'll send over a contract for you and your partner to sign and you will then pay a 25% deposit. That's it, I am now your videographer.

Do I have to pay all at once?

Not at all. You can if you want but most couples pay a 25% deposit when they book and then the rest 28 days before their wedding day.

How far in advance do we have to book your services?

I recommend 12-18 months before your wedding. This gives enough time to make sure that I'm available for your date. If it is closer that that to your wedding though it's still worth getting in touch as I might be free on your date anyway.

Do you do wedding photography as well as wedding videography?

Even though I am also a wedding photographer (my photography work can be seen here), I only concentrate or either photography or videography at a wedding. So if you want me as your videographer you will need to book a seperate photographer. If you want some advice on which photographer to choose I will be more than happy to make suggestions as I have developed a great relationship with many amazing photographers over the years.

Will there be more than one videographer on the day?

If you choose my 'Directors Cut' package then you will get 2 videographers. My 'Highlights' and 'Extended Edition' packages come with only one videographer.

What are the benefits of having an extra videographer?

There are a lot of benefits when it comes to having 2 videographers instead of 1. These include: 1) There will be more footage from your day. This will give me much more options when it comes to editing your film, which will lead to a better film. 2) I will not be rushing around as much as when I'm the only videographer, meaning that there will be more time to get the perfect shots. 3) There will be shots from 2 places at once, meaning that none of your wedding is missed because 1 person can't be in 2 places at the same time. 4) Both bride & groom prep can be captured. When there is just 1 videographer it is the bridal prep that takes centre stage but with 2 videographers the groom prep can also be captured.

Will we meet you before the wedding?

Yes. I always recommend my couples meet me before they book me. This will be an informal meetup, at a coffee shop usually, to make sure that I'm the right videographer for you. We will then meet at least once more before your wedding (usually 4-6 weeks out from the big day) to go over details and make sure that I know the running order of the day etc).

Will you visit the venue before the wedding?

Yes! If I haven't shot at the venue before I will visit it before your wedding day and meet up with the wedding/event co-ordinator to go over everything that I need to know and also I will carry out a recce of the venue to find out where the best light is etc.

How long does it take to get our finished wedding video?

Depending on which package you choose and the time of year, I will get your wedding film back to you in 12-16 weeks.

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